sexta-feira, outubro 21, 2011

Música & Som - Edição 95 (Tops)

Música e Som , edição nº95 com data de Setembro de 1984 e preço de capa 150 escudos.
Já por aqui e por aqui tinha sido vista, mas desta vez trago tabelas ou se preferirem tops.
Tops de vendas, elaborados tendo por base a colaboração de uma série de discotecas ao longo do país, que nos apresentam vinte singles e dez álbuns:

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Anónimo disse...

Thank you, my friend.

I'm a big Queen fan, and I'm very happy to see the album "The Works" and the singles from it so high in the monthly charts.

Please, post any other you find. I really love all these Portuguese rankings. I have been collecting this sort of stuff for years now.

I'm particularly interested in anything from late 1979 to early 1980. I want to know how albums like "Live Killers" and "The Game", and singles like "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", did on the Portuguese charts.

Keep it coming. This is a great blog. Cool articles.

AtticRock disse...

Tip: Look around for the Blogues list and you will find places with scans of portuguese charts, even older than those I have posted.

Anónimo disse...

Thank you. Yes, I know some of those sites.

But anyway, if you do have any other old chart from Musica & Som, I would be very interested in seeing it in the future.